About IFBB Professional Women’s Physique Competitor

Erin Anna Duggan And Her Contest History


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You are welcome to discover more about Erin and her contest history in bodybuilding and women’s physique competitions through these links:

  • IFBB Professional women’s physique pro card (click here)
  • 2016 Masters National Championships (click here)
  • 2016 Arnold Amateur Physique (click here)
  • 2014 NPC National Championships women’s bodybuilding (click here)
  • 2014 IFPA Pro Yorton Cup women’s bodybuilding championship (click here) (video here)
  • 2014 WNBF Pro World Championships (click here)
  • 2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships women’s bodybuilding (click here)
  • 2014 East Coast Cup women’s physique (video here)
  • 2013 IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Pro (video here)
  • 2013 Steve Stone Metropolitan women’s physique (click here)
  • 2013 North Jersey Naturally Built Classic Pro/Am Posedown (video here)
  • 2013 DFAC Pure Physique guest poser (click here)
  • 2012 NPC Team Universe women’s physique (click here)
  • Rhode Island State Championships Women’s Physique overall winner (click here)
  • USAmuscle.com


Erin has won pro cards in several organizations including:


If you would like to contact her for online contest preparation services and coaching then you are welcome to discover more at this link.  If you would like her personal training services in the Hartford and Central Connecticut area then you are welcome to find out more at this link.


You also are welcome to discover more about Erin’s background including coming back from a severe auto accident to become a professional bodybuilder and women’s physique competitor.  Here are two articles which you may find to be of interest:


You also are welcome to see some YouTube videos featuring Erin being interviewed backstage at contests, her on stage and other videos pertaining to her contest career in bodybuilding and physique.  As more videos get added to the playlist you will be able to see them here: