Personal Training Pricing




Create your training package based on your availability, needs and preferences

Start with your choice of a workout plan:


3 DAY – BASIC FULL BODY – $50.00 per month

4 DAY – PUSH/PULL * UPPER/LOWER – $75.00 per month

5 DAY – SINGLE PART INTENSIVE -$100.00 per month

Then add in the perfect coaching plan for your needs:



All options include usage of Trainerize application/website for monitoring progress

                    A – 2 check ins per month – bi weekly via email

                    Basic nutrition & cardio recommendations

                    -$100.00 per month *

                    B – 4 check ins per month – weekly via email & limited text

                    Specific nutrition & cardio
                       -$175.00 per month *

                    C – 6 check ins per month– every 5 days via email, text, weekly

                    phone call and monthly Skype/google hangouts availability

                    Specific nutrition & cardio

                    -$225.00 per month *

* All packages are required to be sold in 3 month minimums

Can be billed monthly or all 3 months at a discount.

Nutrition Only


Basic Nutrition-         One month plan w/cardio recommendations
                                        Two check ins/modifications per month
                                        $100 per month

Monthly Nutrition-    Monthly plan w/ cardio recommendations
                                         Weekly check ins/modifications ~ text availability
                                         $200 per month


3, 6*& 9 month packages

Due to limited competition coaching availability all potential clients are required to fill out form and return for review and reply.

*Recommended for first time, newer competitors and others depending on BF % and category of competitor.

*Download Form Here*


Lean Out Your Life

3, 6 & 9 Month Programs

This program is an all inclusive plan designed to help motivate you to :
*Reduce Body Fat * Increase Lean Muscle * Eliminate Stress
using a balance of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition.

     I will educate inspire and encourage participants to incorporate healthy habits and attitudes into their lifestyles through weekly emails, daily monitoring of progress and behavior modification and habit forming application.

     I will be available for daily communication via text and snapchat for quick response time, email –anytime (answered within 24hrs) as well as a weekly phone call.

     Each week we will tackle a different area of creating a healthier lifestyle together, covering topics such as: hydration, flexible food selections, overcoming limiting factors, breaking through plateaus, stress reduction, motivational techniques and beneficial habit forming methods.

$250 per month

Monthly Options

All pre-paid Packages will receive a 10% discount
Refer a friend and both receive $25.00 credit


** Email me for information on how to include Beachbody with my coaching packages.

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