Rest And Recovery

One of the best ways for any person wishing to improve his or her condition, let alone to bring a terrific physique onto a contest stage, is to improve the quality of rest and recovery.  Whenever you are making tremendous strides forward with your training, you are subject to a trade-off which most people don’t know.  Your rest and recovery ability often get taxed to the point where you could lose lean muscle, endure the consequences of diminished sleep and even increase the risk of injury.

The products listed on this page are actual ones I use to enhance the quality of my sleep, reduce the “wear and tear” from consistent training, and other ways to recover better.  Improving rest and recovery can help with:

  • Gaining lean muscle mass
  • Reducing body fat percentages
  • Improved energy and focus during the day
  • Possible improvements to your overall health
  • Several other benefits


Rest And Recovery Resources Used By Erin

Yoga Tune Up

HyperIce Shoulder Compression (Click The Image Below For More Information)

HyperIce Knee Compression (Click The Image Below)

Compex Sport Elite Electronic Muscle Stimulator Kit (Click The Image Below)